Meet Dr.  Lepkowski 

Since acquiring her DVM in 2002, Dr. Lepkowski has dedicated countless hours of hard work to advancing her career and becoming a knowledgeable, capable and trustworthy doctor with only the best interest of her patients in mind. She has committed to constantly learning and growing with the ever-evolving field of veterinary medicine to help her clients provide the happiest, healthiest life to their beloved pets. Years of laughing, crying, brainstorming and planning with her patient’s parents have created valuable relationships that make pet and parent alike feel cared for and comfortable – even in the scariest times of illness and injury. Dr. Lepkowski is unmatched in her ability to understand her patients despite them being unable to communicate with words. Her clients and colleagues admire how she always seems to be in tune with how her patients are feeling and what they need, and her time spent learning the most up to date information about veterinary medicine has helped her figure out exactly how to fulfill those needs. She provides everything from wellness care and illness prevention for healthy pets to emergency surgeries and other life-saving interventions. Outside of the hospital she enjoys spending time with her family, including her own very special and beloved cats.


Samantha Muscarella

Director of Operations

Christina Passarelli

Senior Receptionist

Kelly Parker

Senior Veterinary Technician

Our Mission Statement

Dr. Lepkowski has tirelessly dedicated her life to achieving the best possible medical care for her patients. Years of hard work have led to this incredibly exciting chapter in her journey – her very own practice built from the ground up to her specifications. As with every facet of her medicine, she has been hands-on through the entire process to ensure this hospital offers everything her patients need to be healthy and comfortable. Some of the most rewarding things she’s accomplished are the specifications necessary for a certified Cat Friendly hospital, including a separate Cat Hospital. To help make this vision a reality she has hand-picked staff members that she knows and trusts, creating a team capable and passionate about the well-being of our patients. Our entire team is motivated and eager to provide the best possible care, all sharing Dr. Lepkowski’s vision of thorough, attentive, and empathetic patient care. Our hospital offers separate inpatient wards for cats and dogs, in-hospital diagnostic equipment to run a variety of bloodwork, urinalysis, x-ray, ultrasound and an operating theater style surgical suite. Our layout is designed to offer sick patients a place to recover peacefully without experiencing the noise of a busy environment, while being constantly visible to staff to monitor them closely. We approach the care of each individual patient very personally, and are happy for the opportunity to make them feel better.